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My dad is literally the only person who will say this when I’m sick


Peter you are doing the absolute most rn. BYE.

❝ And I’m still drunk at the end of the night
I don’t drink like everybody else,
I tip it to forget things about myself,
Stumble and fall with the head spin I got
My mind’s with you but my heart’s just not ❞

- U.N.I. by Ed Sheeran (via thishereisreal)

Track: U.N.I.
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: + (Deluxe Version)
Plays: 20,001

I never thought of myself as the girl in the bikini.

❝ onyourproperty: this exists and is, er, extraordinary, so i decided to also post my deep and profound re-imaginings of the greek pantheon in the modern age
apollo turning women into lampposts when they reject his unwanted sexual advances, trees are so 5th century bc
poseidon chilling in the bermuda triangle surrounded by downed planes
aphrodite scrolling through ace blogs to find out who to curse with a horrible violent death next
ares carving the nuclear codes into mt rushmore using some machinery he stole while beating up hephaestus
hermes convinces some dude to leak artemis’ nude snapchats and artemis rips the dude apart and murders his entire family and reduces his apartment building to rubble forever
hera creatively cursing every girl who follows zeus on instagram. oh your username’s stylinson4eva? now you’ve got immortality without eternal youth and the only words that will ever come out of your increasingly wrinkled and pain-filled mouth are “fuck management”
zeus presumably is still just a shapeshifting serial rapist, i dunno man
dionysus forcing a gram of coke on you in the club toilets and then making you eat raw all the roadkill you create as you drunk-drive home
gods that aren’t bizarrely defanged and completely misinterpreted as, like, not being total assholes ❞

- ex astris scientia:  


 Game of Thrones houses + sayings posters


Les Poperables - Les Miserables as told through pop(ish) songs


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